Facilities Offered At A Marina Resort

What Is a Marina and Resort?

Boat owners cannot carry their boat every time they visit the water for boating and water excursions. Most of them prefer keeping their boats in the water near the shore. A marina is a commercial venture that offers boat storage services to the boat owners. They can keep their boat in the water and move it immediately after arriving at the site. A marina is mainly for recreational boats.

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Some types of boats cannot be towed on a trailer. These vessels remain continuously in the water. Even boat owners who have a vessel that can be taken near the water on a trailer sometimes prefer keeping their boat near the shore for a quick launch when they arrive. They avoid carrying their boat on a trailer every time they visit the water for boating.

Boaters keep their boats at a secure place offered by the marina business owner. They can keep their boat in the water at this facility not only during the boating season but also rest of the year. Some boats are also kept on the land property of the marina.
Marina facility may be offered by a resort where boat owners and other visitors can stay. The resort has many facilities for staying, parking RVs, camping and dining. It offers a secure place to keep the boats and RVs. The establishment also rents cabins and tents to the visitors.
BoatingBoat owners can bring their boats and avail the facilities provided by the marina and resort company. The boats can be kept in the water or on the ground during the off-season or when boating is not needed.


The marina and resort offers rentals of canoes, paddleboards, kayaks and inner tubes. Canoeing is a great way to experience the thrills of water adventure.

RV Parking

These resorts often have a large space for parking of RVs. Each RV gets its own spot that is sufficient not only for parking the RV but also to install its temporary extensions. It is important to know that some marina enterprises have limited facilities while others with the resort offer a lot more features. It is better if you book your RV parking spot in advance. If you try to book it after arriving at the resort, you may or may not find the space depending on the holiday season and current demand. The demand for RV parking increases during certain times of the year when a large number of people head out for holidaying and recreational activities.


A resort with marina facility is usually located at a place that people regularly visit for recreational activities. The place generally has a campground where campers can camp. They can enjoy the panoramic view of nearby lake, mountain, sea or other attractive natural features. The resort also offers its facilities for campground RVs and trailers. Visitors can rent tents for staying.


Most such resorts have a hotel where visitors can stay. The hotel may also have facilities for gatherings and conferences. Visitors receive personalised service. Such a resort has many facilities that hotels generally have.